Flavour is a key component to the vaping experience, and one of the main motivators for smokers to switch away from tobacco consumption. Our vape grade flavours comply with local legislation, exceed international quality standards, and constantly improve the sensorial experience of our e-liquids.

Flavour creation

All flavours at Cuts Ice are now developed from the molecular level upwards, meaning that we know exactly what goes into our vape products. Before we review or create flavourings, a toxicological monograph of the raw materials is made using a GC/MS machine.

Using the resulting unique pattern we can then validate that each component is appropriate for inhalation and compliant with regulation. We now have developed a library of over 200 molecules ranging over 500 products.

Why are flavours important?

Flavours are a key component of e-liquid and one of the main reasons why have been able to quit tobacco consumption where other attempts to stop have failed, like NRT.

Research has consistently shown that prohibiting flavours would be likely to severely limit the appeal of vaping products to adult smokers looking to switch.

A study undertaken by Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos found that the restricting flavour variability would make vaping less enjoyable for ex-smokers, with 48.5 per cent highlighting that it would increase their cravings for cigarettes, and 39.7 per cent saying that it would have been less likely for them to reduce or quit smoking.

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