Can you spare a few moments to help shape academic’s understanding of smoking and vaping behaviour?

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There is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has changed how each one of us views and interacts with the world around us. For many around the world, this global public health crisis has led to changes in the way individuals consume conventional tobacco, or reduced risk products like vaping.

We have been contacted by the esteemed researcher Professor Riccardo Polosa, founder of the Center of Excellence for the Acceleration of Harm Reduction (CoEHAR), whose organisation is trying to get a better understanding of smokers and vapers behaviour changes during the so called “lockdown period” necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic. CoEHAR want to hear from all smokers, vapers, and users of other products in the UK, and have designed a short survey which we are hosting here on our website.

This research is crucial, and by taking part you will be helping to build an accurate picture of the state of vaping in the UK. The survey should only take a few moments for you to complete, and your answers will be fed back directly into CoEHAR’s research.

Please spare a few moments of your time to complete this short survey and share it with your friends and family, to help ensure that the academic community is armed with as much data as possible as we continue to consider what the “new normal” will look like going forward.

The smoking dynamics survey

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