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Further Misinformation About Vaping in the Press

By November 12, 2019No Comments

It is disappointing to once again see reports in the media regarding vaping published without proper due diligence being undertaken. Make no mistake, these reports only serve to put the lives of 7 million UK smokers in danger as they are wrongly dissuaded from switching to a significantly less harmful alternative to smoking.

Today (12/11/2019) there are reports of a young man who was taken ill with lung inflammation after vaping. A careful look at the facts however immediately shows that the link between the two is questionable.

Dr Nick Hopkinson, Medical Director at the British Lung Foundation said; “…In this kind of condition it can often be difficult to make an accurate diagnosis or know for certain what the cause is. This kind of lung disease can sometimes occur spontaneously without any obvious trigger. In Britain, 3.6 million people vape and youth use remains low. If this was a common problem or a significant risk we would expect many more cases.”.

Mainstream media outlets have a responsibility in all cases to ensure that not just their articles but particularly their headlines are reflective of the evidence at hand. This responsibility extends to medical journals, whose publications are increasingly being quoted in the press verbatim.

Cuts Ice welcomes scrutiny of vaping, but all questions about “dangers” must be framed properly. All of our vaping products are designed for smokers, to assist them to switch from smoking. We know vaping is the most effective tool for switching from smoking, and usage comes without the multitude of carcinogenic chemicals found in combustible tobacco, which kills half of all its users.

Cuts Ice is always willing to host journalists, medical professionals, and policymakers at our facility to discuss our approach to vaping science and product stewardship. Vaping presents a once in a generation opportunity to change the lives of millions of smokers for the better, and irresponsible reporting cannot endanger that.

As Professor John Britton, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies has said; “The advice remains the same: if you smoke, switch to vaping; if you don’t smoke, don’t vape.”.