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Cuts Ice Statement on USA Vaping Reports

By September 25, 2019No Comments

We are sure you have seen the recent media reports about cases in the USA of illnesses that are reportedly linked to vaping. We would like to reassure you that these events have been widely misreported on, and that the vaping products manufactured by Cuts Ice remain significantly lower risk compared to conventional smoking.

What you need to know

These cases in the USA have been linked by the FDA and CDC to black market cannabis products, not nicotine containing vaping products. The cannabis products in question have likely contained Vitamin E acetate – which according to multiple health experts is the cause of these recent illnesses and should not be vaped. We DO NOT add this to any of our products.

So, what is in our vape products?

  • All e-liquids made by Cuts Ice are subject to several stringent quality checks and tests prior to sale. Some are mandated by regulation but a great number we have self-imposed to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products.
  • Every flavouring used at Cuts Ice is developed from the molecular level upwards, meaning that we know the exact makeup of the individual ingredients that we use in our vaping products.
  • Before we review or create a new flavouring, a toxicological monograph of the raw ingredients is made. Using the resulting unique pattern, we can then validate that each component used is appropriate for inhalation.

Where we get our ingredients

  • The overwhelming majority of the ingredients that make up our e-liquids are sourced from the UK, and each supplier is thoroughly audited before use.
  • A UK based supply chain is advantageous for several reasons, the most important of which being that our suppliers must adhere to a multitude of laws and standards that have been created to protect consumers.
  • Most of our upstream manufacturing partners primarily supply the pharmaceutical sector with products like pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

What do we make?

  • Cuts Ice makes exceptional tasting, high quality e-liquids that inspire smokers to make better choices.
  • Our business is tobacco harm reduction, and our purpose to help as many smokers as possible transition to a significantly less harmful alternative to cigarettes.
  • Evidence shows that vaping is the most successful currently available and a significant reduction in the harm that smoking tobacco causes.
  • We do not trade in CBD products or similar, as our business is solely focussed on reducing global tobacco usage.

What’s been the response?

Some countries, like the USA and India have discussed and in some cases implemented bans on vaping products or flavoured e-liquids. Aside from the fact that this is willfully ignoring that the above mentioned cases involve black market cannabis products, not nicotine containing e-liquids, these bans will only serve to harm smokers. We have written more extensively about vaping bans here.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.