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Cuts Ice was founded in 2012 to lead the industry in the creation of exceptional tasting, high-quality e-liquids that inspire smokers to make better choices.


Promote and improve product research, development, and quality, to set the standard for the best possible alternative to conventional tobacco.


Premium. Innovative.


Quality. Consistent.


Fervent. Experts.


Proportionate. Sensible.


As an industry leader, we recognise our responsibility to drive product innovation for the benefit of all stakeholders, including consumers, regulatory authorities, and the wider vape industry.


  • People: Enable everyone to realise their full potential.
  • Integrity: Work with honour and pride.
  • Quality: Continuously improve the products we make.
  • Accountability: Own what is ours.
  • Efficacy: Always building to our commitment.
  • Excellence: Deliver what is promised, and add value beyond expectations

Improving products
by design.

Better systems, procedures, and skills.

We have devised the blueprint which enables our staff to create the e-liquids which will satiate the consumers increasingly discerning tastes.

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